zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Picture it in Cross Stitch - Jo Verso

Picture it in Cross Stitch - Jo Verso Picture it in Cross Stitch - by Jo Verso A David & Charles craft book Paperback in perfecte staat met prachtige illustraties taal : engels inhoud Cross stitch has long been one of the most popular, straightforward and versatile forms of traditional embroidery, and this book shows how to create a unique personal record of contemporary life. It enables the reader to depict themes such as family and important family events, home, pets, hobbies and family tree, and the patterns are all presented with borders, bands and motifs. They are designed on a "mix and match" basis, so that they can be adapted and assembled into any required design and worked with a combination of full cross stitch, three-quarter cross stitch and back stitch. No special drawing ability is needed. Instructions are provided for a wide variety of projects, including decorated initials, samplers, a wedding picture and a birth announcement, and there is advice on design, materials and stitching.
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